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Studentische Dienste

The services for students are a roundup of offerings the TIK provides. In conjunction with their matriculation, every student receives a user name, email address and password for the student services, the so-called TIK-account.
With the user name or, depending on the particular service, the email address, and the respective password, students can use services like:

In addition, the TIK-account enables a free access to the comprehensive e-book offering of  the university library.

If you have any questions regarding "student services" and "IT", the helpdesk will gladly answer to all students. The helpdesk consultants will assist you with any problems concerning the TIK-account, software and configuring the WLAN and VPN.
Furthermore, there are also softwares and scripts available at the helpdesk for studying purposes, though they have to be purchased.

The usage of all these services is subject to the Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung für die digitale Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikationstechnik (IuK) at the University Stuttgart.