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TIK Account

Your TIK-account is the central component for many services and is used to authenticate to the student services. It is a combination of username (or matching email address) and password. With your TIK-account, you may use all the student services, as long as your access has not been blocked (in which case you would be notified by e-mail).

New students must activate their TIK-account within 2 months, using the activation link in their C@mpus application account (see how-to-guide).

You can find more information here.

The right to use your TIK-Account is set by the terms of use for digital data processing and communication technology at the University of Stuttgart. Your TIK-account is valid from the beginning of your studies until you leave the university, though it will still exist until half a year later to allow you to access your grades on LSF.

You can get important information about your TIK-account from our FAQ section.

Attention should be paid to:

  • To insure the safety of the network, all users must:
    • keep their login data safe and their password secret
    • change their password immediately if it was made public
    • avoid unsafe websites and illegal content

Attention: Anyone who makes copyrighted material publicly available (music, movies etc.) is liable to prosecution, as well as anyone downloading copyrighted material.

If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.